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A rising from the cobwebbed corner

I’ve been soul searching a bit and have come to a ralization that one of the things I have really been missing in life is the fact that I do not write as much as I should. There is something to be said about art. The act of creating helps to relieve the stresses that seem to filter in with… (more…)

A Rethink

I have come to the conclusion that the ideas that I had in regards to this website have changed as I have aged… Perhaps there is more to the world I belong to then writing bout writing. A small blurb as I move forward and take this site to a whole different perspective then what I originally had for it.

How and why…

Often as writers we are asked what inspires us the most. Why do we write? How do we write? I think those are the hardest of questions to answer. Personally I feel that everyone has a story to tell. I feel that we should write for the sake of ourselves and not for the possibility of one day being published.… (more…)


I felt like giving you a poem…. Words dripped from fingertips like ashes melting in the fire we grasped, reach, trying to take them back pretend they were never said We whispered stories lost them in leaves blown by wind that carried them away attempting to lesson the burn attempting to help us forget once we believed in something more… (more…)

Echo of a Good Book

As a child I ate books, devoured them over the course of several ours, days. It depended on the amount of uninterrupted time I had. It depended on the book. My favorite thing to do was find places around where i could stick myself. If I was outside it had to be half way in the sun, and half way… (more…)

SteamPunk? Other Worlds? Dystopian Futures?

A thought… As I have grown older I have become more interested in other words outside of our own. I have always liked the idea of a world based beyond this one. The idea that our world as we know can end, can be recreated out of¬†necessity. I like the idea of a world void of technology, of a world… (more…)

A Thought on Fantsatical Things

It is time I began actively posting in my blog. It has been something have been keeping on the back burner, this idea of speaking to an audience. Really I was using the idea of an incomplete forum to keep me from actually starting this. A thought on fantastical things. Whether in terms of writing or movies or just life;… (more…)


Welcome to The Winding Road, a place where I intend to talk about anything and everything literary (or not).  I like to see what people have to say about the stuff I will be posting here. Thank you for coming along for the ride.