I always like to begin this story with a story about my adoptive mother and our old dining room table.  It really has to do with staring at the books in the bookshelf and going through them page by page trying to understand what the letters meant. My mother found me there, all of four years old. She took me to the table and sat me down with “Green Eggs and Ham”.

As we sat there at this table she told me that if I could read then I could be anything, go anywhere, and do anything. Reading has the ability to take you places you couldn’t go in the real world. I remember thinking that is what I really wanted to do with myself. I wanted to take people on trips with me; into worlds I had dreamed of and wanted to share.

My adoption is one of the few happy things I can remember as a child outside of the summers I spent in the backyard with my brothers catching grasshoppers. Home life was pristine, but school life was a nightmare that was colored with black and red and green. It was littered with heartbreak and pain. My mother says I live too much in the past.

And then I met Michelle Ullibari and Ms. Renee Moody. Michelle taught me to be happy as myself. Ms. Moody challenged me to write well. She took me to my first college class, said I had potential. Ms. Moody was the one who taught me that we make who we are. We decide our own fates, and we can do whatever we wish as long as we wish hard. It is because of these women I decided I wanted to become a teacher.

We have great ability to accomplish anything. All we need is someone to believe in us. When we have that we do great things like graduate from high school, from college. We enter into organizations that change people’s lives. We write stories. We build dreams. We take the dreams of others and we fly. I don’t aspire to be any of the ladies mentioned above; I want to be me with their influence. My name is Chasity Ann Vigil Anderson.


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    this is cool, plz invlove me in this blog. its obasi by the was i jus read book of rune and i had to finnd you chastity please i hope to hear from u soon

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    this is cool

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