How and why…

Often as writers we are asked what inspires us the most. Why do we write? How do we write? I think those are the hardest of questions to answer. Personally I feel that everyone has a story to tell. I feel that we should write for the sake of ourselves and not for the possibility of one day being published. I saw this most wonderful quote the other day that I think encompasses this idea of whether we create ourselves as we create our work, or we create in order to create ourselves. This idea of “why?”.

I see a story in my head, something that is vibrant in color, something that sounds beautiful, something that when I think about it creates this feeling that echoes throughout my body. I want to give it away. i want to see others experience what I have/am experiencing. Writers do not set out to become rich and famous. We walk through the world with this feeling that words mean something. With stories, we all have stories we need to give away. it keeps us sane in the darkest of times, it allows us to know what others are feeling, to know that others feel the same as you. We are a mountain of variable possibilities.

How do I write? With the story in mind.

Why do I write? Because it would be a shame for no one else to get to share in the experience.

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